About us

"Vojvodinalek" Ltd. export import; Novi Sad was founded in 1993 and is privately owned. The company is based in Novi Sad, at Temerinski put 93, offices and warehouse included.

In the operating company we have two business units with their own office space and storage, in Sombor-Ivana Gundulića 20 in Vrsac-Sutjeska 37.

The main business is sales and distribution of veterinary medicines and veterinary equipment.

Since its founding we supply a large number of public and private veterinary institutions, veterinary stations, veterinary clinics, pharmacies and all types of farms.

In addition to the successful cooperation with final users of veterinary products, we also cooperate with other veterinary drugstores.

We emphasize that Vojvodinalek has a very good business relationship with all suppliers of veterinary products, both from domestic manufacturers of veterinary medicines, and foreign agents.

Tradition, quality and trust are the main features of firms that have made us one of the largest and most reputable companies in the business that we do. Guided by the experience of all these years, we realized that an honest approach to business is the only way to survive and make the company together with its employees even more advanced.

With the extension of continuous training of personnel and existing knowledge, we are ready to solve any problem that appears.

The main guideline for the future of the company Vojvodinalek is the wellbeing of animals, and therefore the preservation of human health as well as the demands and needs of our Business Partners.

Our partners